Founder's Circle

As we launch AMDAPP™ this summer, your help is needed to get our efforts going! We invite you to join us in AMDAPP’s Founder’s Circle, commemorating your support of APPs, improving & enhancing the quality of care to patients & families whose lives are impacted by Parkinson disease & other movement disorders.    
Your gift is essential as we establish AMDAPP during 2023. You support helps us achieve our mission, bringing visibility to the field of APPs working in movement disorders, developing a specialty-defining certification, providing scholarships, & helping to enhance our vision & goals of strengthening:    
  • A care team that fully integrates, recognizes & celebrates the unique offerings & expertise of each care team member 
  • An exclusively APP-integrated network that shares resources, information & work, collaboratively, to enhance the lives of people  impacted by movement & related disorders 
  • A field of fully-trained APPs with ongoing education, ensuring the highest level of skill & competency
Benefits include permanent recognition as a Founding Circle member on AMDAPP™ website, with a hyperlink if you choose; an email badge; and recognition in AMDAPP programs, & on signage 2024 at the APP day at the pre-congress Advanced Therapeutics of Movement & Related Disorders, hosted annually by PMD Alliance.  

This invitation ends 12/31/23

We look forward to growing this community & changing the movement disorder space with your support.  

Cornerstone Members

Sherrie Gould

Kelly Papesh

Mike Coffee

Sarah Jones

Meredith Hatcher

Jean Hubble

Bill Keller

Alex & Becky Trepte

Julie & John Crawford

John Boyer

Cindy Comella

Maureen Simmons

Rebecca Korduner

Bruce Jones

Lawrence Elmer


Founder's Circle

Arita McCoy
Jacqueline Cristini
Juliana & Christian Atem
Molly (Mary) Scott
Aimee Bauer