PPMI - Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative

In 2010, the Michael J. Fox Foundation began a truly groundbreaking international effort to identify Parkinson’s biomarkers and better understand course of illness. Now 13 years later the effort continues to grow. For clinicians this is an opportunity for us to gain insights and also encourage patients to participate. (All US residents 18 and over can participate, regardless of diagnosis.)

The PPMI page on the MJFF website is an excellent resource for tracking milestones that have been achieved. Additional pages will be added ,with the tag PPMI, that stand alone as milestones.
Below are several additional standouts:
Newly Diagnosed -All patients diagnosed in the past two years are encouraged to enroll. Call 877-525-PPMI or email [email protected].
Enrollment for all 18 and over – Everyone should participate in the research.

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