Meet Clarisse Goas

Clarisse Goas, APRN, CNP

As an APP, I started with an idea for Parkinson’s Disease Multidisciplinary Clinic upon arrival to The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, in 2020. At this time, I had a very supportive attending physician and department that was very interested in multidisciplinary care. I demonstrated APP leadership qualities by creating the Parkinson’s Disease Multidisciplinary Committee and organizing the Parkinson’s Disease multi-disciplinary clinic in line with application for a Parkinson’s Disease Center of Excellence.

I first created a business plan for a Parkinson’s Disease Center of Excellence, and this was presented to the chair of the department who allowed us to move forward. I then created a multidisciplinary team by reaching out to providers and assessing interest in a PD MDC. I arranged several multidisciplinary meetings over 2 years and helped to create the Parkinson’s Disease multidisciplinary clinic- a “one stop shop” with PT/OT/ST, neurology providers, social workers, researchers, and neuropsychology providers for patients with Parkinson’s Disease. This clinic opening was delayed due to turn over several positions and COVID, but finally, was able to open in May of 2022.

After each clinic, we round on patients and make a complete care plan with all providers to best serve each patients multidisciplinary needs, in real time. Each position can bill for their services; thus the clinic is self-sufficient. It has had a wonderful response from our local PD community.

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