We know that in-person networking is most often a quick exchange of information squeezed into a break at a conference or after a speaker meeting. AMDAPP MeetUps are different – no lengthy education, just an opportunity to connect in person with fellow movement APPs in your area, build community, and ensuring all of our peers can access the expertise in the area necessary to meet the needs of those living with movement disorders. 


Based on feedback and our experience, we have found this helps us better understand the landscape of the services, needs, and specializations in your region. Meetups are sponsored by Corporate Roundtable members and include a meal (lunch or dinner), with a brief time sharing about their product and support they can provide in the area.


If you are interested in having a Meetup in your area, please fill out the form below. Your input helps us determine geographically, where to best host a Meetup, especially in areas that are more rural. 

AMDAPP, living its mission, has found a new and exciting way to connect APPs within communities that also creates a space for you to meaningfully learn more about their work and their needs. Meetups informally began last year and are pleased to report we exceeded expectations. We are receiving requests and we anticipate our calendar will fill up quick.


Drawing on the experience of now five different iterations of Meetups, we have arrived at a format that honors the needs and desires of the APP community, while ensuring learning about products and relationship building has a space:

  1. Introductions – Who are you? Not just where you work, but something more: Why do you do this work? What are your needs? What would you like to see more of or different? (10 minutes)
  2. APP Practice Setting and Responsibilities within a treatment team – Simple, straight-forward, and necessary for learning where AMDAPP can focus new initiatives and where. (5 minutes)
  3. How and where do you learn, and why? (Query attendees of where they receive training, education on new therapies, individuals professional goals and those at their practice, etc.?) (5 minutes)
  4. Corporate Roundtable member direct engagement – Bridging off the information shared in 1-3, the CR member(s) attending (up to two) will have the floor as they choose, which may include: sharing information regarding therapies; Asking direct questions/gain insights for the needs for your team; and Introducing yourself and why you do the work you do. (10 minutes)
  5. Mingle & Network – Hors d’oeuvres are finished and the meal begins, allowing 60 minutes for informal networking and relationship building, engaging individually or in small conversations, as do all APPs. 

In addition, there will always be an AMDAPP representative (Staff/Exec Team Member) or a trained lead APP present as the meeting to welcome others and help create a space of community. This person will also be responsible for taking notes for our data gathering and as a written report back to your team.  

How to host a Meetup:

As Corporate Roundtable (CR) members we are offering priority scheduling for the first two Meetups as a special thank you. The dinner and your logistics are the only cost for these two instances. Based on availability, any additional Meetups will be $1000 to ensure we cover travel and logistics. 

The cost for non CR Industry Partners who are interested in hosting a Meetup is $2500 per event and based on availability after CR members exercise the right of first refusal. Newly joining CR members will receive the discount, however will not receive the two complimentary Meetups. 

If you are interested in hosting a regional AMDAPP Meetup, please complete the interest form to designate potential dates and locations.  We will follow up on this request within 1 week.

MeetUp Interest Form